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Beginners’ Guide to Fldigi Table of Contents Of necessity, this Beginners’ Guide contains only as much as you need to know to get started. You should learn how to make best use of the program by reading the Online Documentation. You can also access it from within the Fldigi program from the Help menu item. Beginners’ Questions Answered 1. Fldigi operates as does most similar software in conjunction with a conventional HF SSB radio transceiver, and uses the PC sound card as the main means of input from the radio, and output to the radio.

These are audio-frequency signals.

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In setting the carburetor idle point with Vacuum gauge, best results are obtained by first jacking up the rear wheels one inch from the floor, starting the engine and putting the transmission into high gear, then adjusting the throttle stop screw until speedometer indicates 7 miles per hour minimum. Adjust hand close to one full turn out from seat until highest reading is indicated.

When certain that highest reading has been obtained, check speedometer again. If there is a higher or lower reading than 7 miles per hour, reset the throttle stop screw for the 7 M. On automatic transmissions, the idle stop screw adjustment should be made with an electric Tachometer for specification set up for the individual job. After proper engine idle speed, and approximately correct idle mixture is attained, accelerate engine by quickly lifting throttle arm and releasing it.

The Vacuum Gauge hand should drop to 2″ and recoil to 24″ or more. If the recoil is not more than 24″, there is indication of very well diluted oil in the crankcase or poorly sealing piston rings. Next, run engine to about 30 M. The hand should at first fall back, then gradually climb up to its peak. Reading should now be from 1″ to 2″ higher than idling reading.

If it isn’t, the automatic advance mechanism is not functioning properly, or at all. If it does advance, the advance mechanism is working satisfactorily.


The number one and two reasons for tuning errors are improper linkage installations and over tightened linkage nut, causing a binding in linkage assembly. Do not depend on the factory delivered settings. Check them before the carb is installed. All settings are done with choke disengaged or warmed up so that the choke is fully opened and disengaged.

This is done on automatic choke carburetors by first opening the choke butterfly by hand and inserting a wood block or wedge of some kind to hold open while the linkage is cycled linkage operated through its full movement to clear the choke cam.

After passing my Google Level 1 and 2 Educator Exams, I was inspired to share helpful tools on YouTube that I didn’t know existed! I have my certificate in instructional technology.

What is the difference between AutoTune Basic and Pro? Dynojet supplies industry standard Bosch 18mm wideband O2 sensors in our AutoTune kits. To use the AutoTune module, 18mm bungs need to be welded into the headpipes and the 18mm sensors need to be inserted into these bungs. The stock 12mm O2 sensors can be left in the exhaust pipe for use after the Autotuning is complete. Dynojet has tested a few of the 12mm to 18mm adapters and found them to not work correctly. Do I pay for additional software updates?

No, the WinPV software will be updated automatically at no charge when you run the update client on your computer. AutoTune does not seem to be working, why? If you have any errors on the screen, you will not get any hits. The reason behind the errors will need to be resolved, before you will get any hits. Can I use AutoTune Basic to adjust ignition timing? No, AutoTune Basic will not work correctly to adjust ignition timing. This is because you are using stock narrowband O2 sensors, which will only read fairly lean AFR ratios.

Running this lean may cause engine knock, something that would not occur under normal AFR settings.

I want to hook up my Gamecube to my HDTV.

Concept[ edit ] Salad Fingers was first conceived as an in-joke when Firth was playing the guitar one day and his friend and frequent collaborator Christian Webb commented that he had “salad fingers,” referring to the way Firth was playing the C chord. The dark music in the soundtrack that appears when Salad Fingers is scared is actually Firth playing the guitar, but slowed down and reversed. Characters[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research.

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Take a look at the block diagram above and notice where the antenna tuner and SWR meter are in relation to the flow of the RF signal coming from the transceiver. Note that the rf is actually flowing in both directions and not just toward the antenna. Your station may not use them You will notice that You just learned how to hook it all up!

Just remember that our goal is to make the transceiver think all is well, and in order to “read” the SWR and Power out pertaining to “all is well” Now Let’s learn how to “tune” that “tuner” Most antenna tuners have an inductance rotary switch and two capacitors. In some antenna tuners the inductance switch is replaced with a continuously variable inductance, popularly known as a roller inductor.

Let’s assume you’re using a tuner with an inductance switch, because they are the most common. Place both capacitor controls at their mid-range positions. Don’t trust the knob markers if this is your first experience with the tuner! If you are comfortable with the next procedure, remove the cover of the tuner and turn the knobs until the moving capacitor plates are only half meshed with the stationary plates. If the knobs are pointing to half scale with the reference markings on the knobs and front cover, consider yourself lucky.

If not, loosen their Allen screws and rotate the knobs so that they point to mid scale. Re-tighten the knobs, replace the tuner cover and you’re ready to go.

How to Build and Tune a Wind Chime (with Pictures)

Basically, no — at least not with one conventional cable box, unless at least one of the channels is a conventional, unencrypted analog channel that can be received by one of the TVs directly. Yeah, that’s the problem. Unless you have a cable box that has both 2 tuners [some do, for example the DVRs] and 2 outputs one for each tuner , you will not be able to do this. You would need 2 cable boxes.

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All About Car Restoration How to Use and Interpret a Vacuum Gauge Few tools or test devices are more useful and versatile than a vacuum gauge, yet very few hobbyists own one. A vacuum gauge can tell as much about the internal and external workings of an engine as the combination of a voltmeter, compression gauge, stethoscope and timing light.

An engine’s vacuum readings can tell an awful lot about its running parameters, provided you know how to read the gauge in the first place. Unfortunately, most vacuum gauge manufacturers don’t provide easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams to help users interpret gauge readings, rendering the gauges themselves virtually useless. We’re here to change all that, so follow along with us on a tour of vacuum gauge readings and we’ll show you all the neat things you can do with one.

That pressure corresponds to the weight of air holding a column of mercury Vacuum is by definition: In engines, of course, the air is being sucked in by the vacuum created by the movement of the pistons. The Gauge Face All vacuum gauge faces are graduated in inches of mercury, although some have additional scales in millimeters of mercury. Note also that most vacuum gauges are equipped with an additional scale that measures fuel pump pressure.

This allows the user to connect the hose directly to the fuel line entering the carburetor to measure the fuel pump’s pressure.

How do I hook up 2 tv’s off of one cable box.

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