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I am still experiencing residual shock over the confession that Jenna Marshall and Shana Costumeshop are in a romantic relationship. She is also a three-dimensional character whose lesbianism is a non-issue. She was afraid to come out to her parents, and rightly so, since her mother freaked out about it, but she chose to live her truth and ultimately Pam Fields became her biggest supporter. Rather than indulging in a PSA about all the ways a coming out can go wrong, Pretty Little Liars demonstrated that sometimes things can go right. At a time when stories of gay teen suicides due to bullying were at an all-time high, Emily Fields infused a young queer culture with hope. And her friends were a shining example to LGBT peers about how to be a friend to a lesbian. Spencer, Hanna and Aria showed appropriate amounts of surprise when Emily opened up to them, which is natural and expected, but then they shifted right back into normal friend mode. Because being a lesbian is normal. They accepted her girlfriends the same way she accepted their boyfriends:

10 Fan Theories for Pretty Little Liars Season 7

Matte happens to be good friends with Ryan Silverstein , who Shay dated in Sasha Pieterse Sasha got engaged in December ! Her beau is longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer, with whom she shares two adorable dogs. Hudson is an actor, stunt performer, and production assistant. A post shared by Hudson Sheaffer hudsonsheaffer27 on Dec 22, at 7: A post shared by Janel Parrish janelparrish on Nov 11, at 1:

Both the pretty little liars dating a known fact that the premiere. Born 10/28/ troian bellisario and it came on suits, tv. Garner on liars: ‘it ruined his book all got together in .

Plot[ edit ] Set in the fictional town of Ravenswood, Pennsylvania , the series follows five strangers whose lives become intertwined by a deadly curse that has plagued their town for generations. Miranda meets Caleb on a bus to Ravenswood where she is going to find her uncle, Raymond Collins, her last remaining relative. Walking into her uncle’s house, she helps Hanna escape, not knowing that she is Caleb’s girlfriend. Miranda also finds a tombstone with her name and picture on it.

Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers: Caleb meets Miranda on the bus to Ravenswood where he’s going to help his girlfriend, Hanna Marin. She promises to visit Caleb from time to time, which could possibly mean a crossover episode between Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood.

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Germain before her death Shana Fring before her betrayal and death Sara Harvey before her betrayal and death Jessica DiLaurentis occasionally; before her death Storylines Alison DiLaurentis , the former “Queen Bee” of her clique and the most popular girl in school before her disappearance and alleged death. Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed using their deepest, darkest secrets against them to keep them in line.

Charming and manipulative, Ali was skilled at finding ways to blackmail and play with others.

We all love to drool over these Pretty Little Liars hotties every Tuesday night, but have you ever wondered which of the five main babes (Jason, Caleb, Ezra, Pa.

August 11, 3: Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched yet Yep, Ali’s look-a-like, CeCe, was hooded “A” all along! CeCe was born Charles, twin brother to Jason. Her parents knew from a young age that Charles was transgender. When she nearly drowned an infant Alison in the bathtub on accident, her father used that as an excuse to enlist her in Radley Sanitarium. At Radley, Charles eventually transitioned into Charlotte as a teenager — a secret she only shared with her mother.

DiLaurentis later had a funeral for Charles, so the rest of their family would think he was gone for good. Cavanaugh Charles and Bethany became friends at Radley, bonding over being different. One night, they were talking on the rooftop when Bethany purposefully pushed Toby’s mom off the roof, killing her.

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is ashley benson dating tyler blackburn EXCLUSIVE: Pretty Little Liars – Star Ashley Benson on – Emotional – Season 6 Finale and Her Haleb Reunion Hopes EXCLUSIVE: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Ashley Benson on ‘Emotional’ Season 6 Finale and Her Haleb Reunion Hopes Hell hath no fury like a Hanna scorned! On tonight’s season six finale of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna is sick and tired of being.

So, what is Lucy Hale like off screen? Here are five facts you need to know about this pretty little liar. However, she did talk to Teen Vogue about what it was like to end a show that was such a major part of her life. It was also really gratifying. It felt like we had accomplished something really big. We left it on a good note.

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The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. Read at your own risk! It turns out their secretive conversations and coded allusions to “what happened between us” was in fact a cryptic way of talking about a secret affair. Aria and Jason were involved in a passionate fling shortly after she graduated college. Flashbacks revealed Aria waking up in Jason’s bed years prior and the older DiLaurentis asking her to join him on a philanthropy trip to Ethiopia.

In Defense of Mona Why didn’t Aria make the trip to Africa to help impoverished villagers and rack up more bedroom hours with her chiseled and rugged high school crush? Part of her, even back then, was still in love with Ezra Ian Harding. Aria took the editorial assistant job at the publishing company that put out Ezra’s first book. She explained to Jason that it was just to get her foot in the door, but back in the present she re-explained to Jason that she must have secretly hoped the job would lead her back to Ezra’s arms.

That means that things are still on track for “Ezria” — the couple that die-hard fans have been shipping since the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars. Aria’s adventures with Jason this episode only helped to clarify that Ezra is the man she wants to be with. It seems like the universe agrees, because Ezra confirmed in the closing moments of the episode that his ex-girlfriend Nicole did not in fact survive being attacked by pirates during a Habitat for Humanity trip in Colombia.

That means there’s no one left to stand in the way of Aria and Ezra’s happy ending, you know, except for A.

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Troian wore a gold crown and veil as she was walked down the aisle by her famed producer father Donald Bellisario, 81 Picture perfect: The Pretty Little Liars beauty, 31, wore a white Cortana gown with sheer sleeves and long flowing train A loud cheer could be heard as the couple kissed for the first time as husband and wife. In various snaps shared on Instagram the couple is seen posing for photos on the beach following the ceremony.

Will Aria and Ezra have a baby in Pretty Little Liars‘ sixth season? Well, if Lucy Hale has her way, then they sure will! Lucy did promise that viewers will know who everyone is dating when.

Let me start by saying that, despite some compelling evidence from our readers, I do not think any of the Liars are A. More like a B, am I right? Also, I feel like his butt-chin hints at some sort of connection with Jason DiLaurentis. Also, A has been leaving plenty of messages for Ali in prison, and who would have more access to prison than a cop? Since Toby has already done a stint on the A team, it would be a bit of a rehash for him to be A.

Also, how rough would that be for Spencer? She might want to pre-book her suite at Radley if that comes to pass. The reveal would hardly have any impact if it was a total stranger underneath that mask. And Tanner has been there since the beginning, quietly antagonizing the Liars and Rosewood. Tanner is the only effective cop in Rosewood, and perhaps she continually investigates the Liars because they are shady as fuck.

I mean, these girls are covering crime scenes with their fingerprints and tampering with ALL the evidence.

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Well its first Mona but then she dies , and Ali takes her place. Ali never died she had a twin sister no one knew about. The twin sister was in a mental hospital. She escaped and pretended to be Ali. When Ali found out , she killed her twin sister Courtney.

There is no denying Pretty Little Liars stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn have serious chemistry on and off screen! The actors, who portray longtime couple Hanna and Caleb (aka Haleb) on the.

Do you often wonder if any of the on-screen romances make their way off the screen into the real world? The two met when she made a guest appearance on Suits and he has worked with her on Pretty Little Liars. She dated Justin Thorne from and Ryan Good from She is currently dating Anthony Kalabretta as of The couple has two kids together: Jack was born in and Lucy was born in Previously, she was married to actor Bryan Travis Smith from She was also married to actor David Donoho from Holly and David have three sons together: Finley was born in , Riley was born in and Kelley was born in

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Freeform Sad but true: Pretty Little Liars is bowing out at the end of season 7, leaving only 10 episodes to spend with the ever-beloved Rosewood squad. The PLL cast and crew are moving on to new projects, with creator I. While King is jumping back into the game with the new Freeform series — which is based on the YA series by Rebecca Serle — it’s not her only project on deck.

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He was awarded four times for his remarkable work in this drama series. This man has also made a name in the music industry. Accounting his personal life, Tyler Blackburn has two public relations till now. He had a high profile relationship with Ashley Benson. During this time, Tyler was also connected to Heather Catania. It was not also worked longer and the couple broke up. Who is Tyler Blackburn Girlfriend ?

Now 29 years old Tyler is unmarried and is not involved to anyone. This famous singer, model and actor was born in Burbank.

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