Griswold #6 Tite Top Dutch Oven # & Smooth top Lid Very Hard To Find

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Cast Iron Chaos: Birmingham Stove and Range

It is fun to learn the history and origin of old cast iron cookware. It can also be a huge learning curve. Here are tips to help you with your research as you venture into the world of vintage cast iron skillet identification. This is an overview; there are many ins and outs and exceptions, of course. The Internet has opened up a myriad of ways to identify cast iron.

Vintage cast iron lids were cast iron, camping cookware books and wagner ware cast iron, wapak, by packing special casting sand around a smoother pan. Tickets for him, griswold and catalog reprints compiled october, vintage griswold skillet with it to try the what i have a myriad of skillet.

I ran across one today that was raw cast iron similar to your photo. Hi There Mike, Yes, I think so. Especially if yours looks like my picture with the raw cast iron. I do a lot of out-door camping and other activities with the family. I just got into collecting vantage Cast iron as a hobby. July 25, at 2: This vintage stuff is fun to collect and search for. I saw some really nice pieces over the weekend at a garage sale that I randomly saw. How is the new Wagner cast iron skillets you can get from American Culinary.

It looks like they are smoother than Lodge Cast Iron. Let me know if you do get some and what you think of them.

How to Season Cast Iron Cookware: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

I would say the s — early s made cast iron cookware is still pretty darn good and probably some of those pieces are better than what you can get today. Read more about Wagner Cast Iron In many cases, we cannot determine the exact date that a piece of cookware was made. We can come pretty close to a range of dates once we understand a little bit about the manufacturing of the cookware.

The iron foundries would have moulds for the various pieces of cookware and over time the moulds would need to be replaced. Or through expansion the foundries would get more moulds to increase production or to make another piece of cookware.

The older cast iron cookware is actually lighter than the modern cast iron cookware which would seem to be counter intuitive. An example of the lighter older cast iron is a #10 Griswold slant logo skillet versus a #10 Lodge skillet both of which I have available to weigh.

Wagner Manufacturing started business in in Sidney, Ohio. It manufactured cast iron and tried other products over the next century, including brass and aluminum. Randall Company purchased Wagner Manufacturing in , and Griswold, its biggest competitor, in Wagner Ware markings help identify the era of production, but because of reproductions, confirmation is necessary. Look for the oldest Wagner items by name and patent dates.

Many items have patent dates in the mold, and this helps identify Wagner markings. Watch for quality cast iron cookware. Wagner made molded cast iron with a polished exterior and interior, and the best production was from to An article in “The Kansan” reports that manufacturers of cast iron during that period polished it in a drum or turned it on a lathe to make cooking surfaces smooth.

Use the Google timeline to see different marks used and patent dates on the bottoms of some of the items. This is a source for learning nuances in the marks and acquiring information about new patent numbers.

VINTAGE GRISWOLD NO. 10 Cast Iron Skillet C with Matching Cover

Site Info History The following article was not written for this site. The original was here: She praised it highly for its quality and durability. Descoware originally was known as Bruxelles Ware at its inception. Thus the name Descoware was born.

Sep 06,  · Steve Stevens, Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association. Martin Stove & Range Co The two brothers W.H Martin and Charles Martin founded King Stove & Range Co in Sheffield, AL.

Go to our new site: We have a free eBook to help you find the date of your Wagner. Wagner Ware Cast Iron: How old is my Wagner cast iron skillet? Is there a way to date my Wagner cast iron dutch oven? Or even my Griswold skillet? It is not an easy answer and there are a few factors to consider. So, first off there is a line of demarcation for collectible cast iron cookware.

I would say the s — early s made cast iron cookware is still pretty darn good and probably some of those pieces are better than what you can get today.

Cast Iron Skillet

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Home Page › Blog › Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets. Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets. if not the most – collectible of Griswold cast iron cookware. A more common unmarked Griswold line is Griswold Iron Mountain pans. These.

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PIQUA cast iron

Well the pan turned out to not be worth the time. It is pitted on the bottom and then it turned out to be cracked. I didn’t think it was cracked to begin with so maybe I cracked it somehow but I don’t think so. I haven’t had very good luck with the fully marked Victor pans.

Identifying and dating unmarked or unknown maker vintage unmarked cast iron cookware identification the forsythkid mystery antique cast iron skillet unmarked cast iron cookware identification the identifying and dating unmarked or unknown maker vintage vintage cast iron guide tips faqs estate blog.

Their selection of cookware included skillets, muffin pans, roasters, bread molds, waffle irons, kettles, dutch ovens and even miniatures. These pieces stood the test of time and are the items most often found by collectors today. Since they were usually made with black iron, collectors easily recognize them today.

The distinctive mark on the back of each piece frequently confirms a Griswold find, but the company actually used a number of different signatures during the life of the company. There are several variations of that mark used through when the company was sold. Other companies manufactured cast iron using the Griswold name after the company changed hands, but collectors look for the words “Erie,” “Erie PA” or “Erie PA USA” under the logo to confirm that their treasures were indeed made in Pennsylvania.

The later use of the Griswold logo was legal, so newer pieces aren’t technically considered to be reproductions. Ardent collectors don’t favor them as much as the older pieces, however, and the price they are willing to pay reflects this judgment. The Significance of Size Numbers Since many Griswold items, skillets for example, came in a variety of sizes, the numbers located on the backs of most pieces helped consumers communicate the size they needed when they were new.

griswold cast iron cookware

I have a two-piece waffle iron. The first piece goes over the flames on a hot stove. The second piece has a ball hinge so that it can be flipped over from side to side as the waffle cooks. The top is marked “The Griswold Mfg. Since then the company has changed hands several times, including being bought by its major competitor, Wagner Manufacturing Co. In August , the General Housewares Corp.

Aug 23,  · Cast iron cookware was especially popular among homemakers and housekeepers during the first half of the 20th century. One of the most popular brands and the most collectible today is Wagner. On July 21, , Milton and Bernard Wagner organized a partnership, and formed the Wagner Manufacturing Company in Sidney, Ohio.

Updates and knowledge sent in by others The Company made wonderful iron, especially when they were marking it nicely. The pot shown here in this article is one of the nicest Dutch ovens I have seen. They made coal and wood heaters, cooking stoves, and ranges. In addition to making coal and wood stoves, they produced hollowware, iron skillets, and clothes pressing irons known as “sad” irons.

They bid on machinery of a bankrupted manufacturing plant in Huntsville, AL. They won the bid and created their third business, Martin Stamping and Stove Co. This company started producing gas heaters. The Martins Stamping facility made bomb crates and some other items. At the end of the war they returned to making gas, wood, and coal heating units. They added electrical in the ‘s.

Dutch oven

The company used this early marking prior to , sometimes in combination with the Sidney name. This indicates that the piece is an authentic Wagner. Wagner made molded cast iron with a polished exterior and interior, and the best production was from to

Griswold and Cast Iron Cookware Association. Our Mission. To create a forum for enthusiasts to share information about the Griswold Manufacturing Company, as well as other cast iron cookware manufacturers and their products. To facilitate and promote the research of Cast Iron Cookware .

Today, collectors prize Wagner cast iron frying pans, Dutch ovens and bakeware for both its beauty and durability. You can find Wagner cookware at garage and estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores and from online dealers. Dating Wagner cast iron can be tricky, but several clues can help you arrive at the approximate date your cookware was manufactured. Step 1 Turn over your cookware so the bottom is facing up. Make note of all markings on the bottom of the pan and their location.

At various times the Wagner Manufacturing Company used curved and straight logos, with or without the “Sidney, O” designation underneath. Some older pans have no logo at all. Pans may or may not say Made in the USA. Also look for a size designation, usually a number, such as 8. Step 2 Examine the construction of the pan.

THRIFT STORE. Find of the day. Griswold #10 Cast Iron Pan.