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Dance Posters Long and Illustrious Careers One of the aspects of flamenco dance that sets it apart from many other movement arts is the amount of experience that is considered necessary to be a truly good performer. This is not only dance training, but also the experience of life, and the ability to communicate the nuances of emotion that are so essential to the art. As a result, the careers of many flamenco dancers have lasted far longer than other dancers. Vicente Escudero, born in , lived to be 93 and was instrumental in spreading the worldwide appeal of masculine flamenco dancing. Prior to World War II, his shows were extremely successful, and his trademark austerity and unabashedly male expression brought him to the silver screen in both Spain and Hollywood. He was dedicated to furthering his art through writing books as well as painting, seeing all the arts intertwined. La Argentina was a female Flamenco dancer who began her performing career at the age of nine, moving into a role as a lead ballerina at age eleven with the Madrid Opera. After the death of her father, she began studying the native Spanish dances, which at the time were not very respected in her area.

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El baile flamenco. Emotional, proud, expressive. Plus you get to stamp your feet a lot! Add one of Spain’s iconic dance styles to your repertoire during this introductory class. Learn the basic footwork of flamenco, its stylish arm embellishments, and its various forms and rhythms.

Flamenco Flamenco Flamenco is a folk art, around years old. It is from Southern Spain and is individualistic, yet structured. Song, dance and guitar are blended into passionate rhythms which are often improvised and spontaneous. Flamenco will have any imaginable theme, from up to date stories, to politics, to love, to history, to humor, etc. Often however, the tragic lyrics and tone of flamenco reflect the sufferings of the gypsy people from whom it originated Flamenco exists in three forms: Cante, the song, Baile, the dance, and Guitarra, guitar playing.

The source of Flamenco, however, lies in the tradition of singing. The singers’ role is very important with the guitar playing an accompaniment to the song.

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See Article History Flamenco, form of song, dance, and instrumental mostly guitar music commonly associated with the Andalusian Roma Gypsies of southern Spain. There, the Roma people are called Gitanos. The roots of flamenco, though somewhat mysterious, seem to lie in the Roma migration from Rajasthan in northwest India to Spain between the 9th and 14th centuries. These migrants brought with them musical instruments, such as tambourines, bells, and wooden castanets , and an extensive repertoire of songs and dances.

‘Extreme Flamenco Fusion’ – Screen India. Benise, armed with his Spanish guitar, is backed by a stage full of musicians and elaborately choreographed dancers. Benise handpicked the Gitanas, the dancers in ‘Fuego!,’ from a global pool of brilliantly diverse talent. Flamenco dancers take center stage in Benise’s tribute to Old World Spain.

Though traditional dance in Spain summons up iconic images of flamenco , there are many variations widespread across the country. It emerged among the gypsy communities of Andalusia and is performed by a mixture of singing, guitar playing, dancing, finger snapping and hand clapping. It was also used in the Spanish infantry to set the speed of march, as well as in 18th-century comedies, although its origins are in fact French.

Bolero The Bolero is a type of dance found in both Cuba and Spain — although both have distinct origins. The Spanish Bolero is said to have emerged in Spain in the 18th century as a result of the blending of two existing dances, the Sevillana and the Contradanza. The dance is of moderate pace and is accompanied by guitar music and castanets, and is usually performed either by a soloist of by a couple.

Although the dance has fallen somewhat out of fashion, it remains significant in the history of Spanish dance. Unlike Flamenco, it is danced barefoot and has many similarities with Arabian belly dancing — with which it shares common ancestry — and the dancer usually reveals her stomach by tying her blouse beneath her chest. In its purest form the dance is particularly complex, involving rapid foot movements and small jumps.

Sevillana As the name indicates, the Sevillana is a type of folk music and dance which originates in the southern Spanish city of Seville and shares similarities with the other main Andalusian dance: In Catalonia the Zarzuela also became popular and was performed in the Catalan language. After falling out of favour during the Spanish Civil war, it was revived during the s and 60s, and continues to be performed in theatres across the country today.

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Go to the mini series of Spanish guitar lessons here to try some! If you have never trained as a formal musician and therefore never learned how to read traditional musical notation then you could find yourself at a little bit of a disadvantage when it comes to flamenco guitar music and tabs. This is because flamenco guitar is a real and very genuine musical art form.

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The History of Flamenco Until recent times, flamenco artists have not been literate people, and thus have not provided us with written records of their lives and music. Although a fragmented record of the development of Spanish music does exist, the more intimate aspects of the art of flamenco were not made public until the second half of the nineteenth century. Composing a written history of flamenco has, therefore, consisted of making guesses, collating and selecting from other people’s guesses, and then placing everything in some sort of appropriate sequence.

However, research into Spanish, Arab, Greek, and Roman literature has in recent years provided new information, as has analysis of related music and in-depth study of existing cantes flamenco song or fragments of extinct cantes. Here you will read about recent research on the origin of flamenco and its component parts, selected from different theories, which will hopefully help you to gain some insight on how flamenco might have arrived at its present stage of development.

Spain has been an incredible melting pot, absorbing even today, wave after wave of foreign invasion. Flamenco was formed from the fusion of the folk music of southern Spain with the music that the gypsies created from that same musical environment. As you shall see, popular folk music influenced the development of gypsy music but also remained separate from it; in relatively modern times, the union of the two gave us today’s flamenco.

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Book a private photo walk with me! About Sandra Vallaure I have been lucky enough to live in Seville, a beautiful city located in the South of Spain, for several years. My love for it led me to create Seville Traveller, an independent online travel guide with over 25, monthly readers and a popular Pocket Guide. Flamenco Flamenco art can be experienced in different settings apart from the very well known tablaos.

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Top 10 amazing movie makeup transformations Flamenco dancing is one of the three integral parts of the art of flamenco. It came from Andalusia in what is now Spain, influenced heavily by the local gypsy population, the Gitanos. Large amounts of the musical stylings and dance movements come from the Jewish tradition, as well as from Moorish culture. The three main forms which make up flamenco are the guitarra or guitar playing, cante or song, and baile or dancing.

It is difficult to separate the cante from the baile, as the two draw upon similar traditions and work off of one another. Flamenco dancing appears to have its origins in the latter half of the eighteenth century.

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I started dancing flamenco when I was very young. I remember performing at my school talent show in the 3rd grade and no one — not even the teachers — knew what flamenco was. I continued to study flamenco throughout high school and college and eventually made my way to study in Spain. After I moved back from Spain in , I opened Naranjita — a place where flamenco would be the focus rather than Jazz, Tap or Ballet; a dance studio that was dedicated to the art of flamenco.

Flamenco is something I loved for so long and Naranjita is my way of giving back to the art that gave so much to me. We teach children and adults about the art and culture of flamenco, and we give them opportunities to perform, which also helps reach more of the community so that flamenco becomes a much more popular art form.

El baile flamenco is known for its emotional intensity, proud carriage, expressive use of the arms and rhythmic stamping of the feet (often confused [citation needed] with tap dance or Irish dance but with a completely different technique). As with any dance form, many different styles of Cultural origins: Andalusia, Spain.

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