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From The Message Boards: Are Naked Pictures Okay? Then your sweetie asks you to send a naked picture. What do you do now? Do you send it without even thinking twice, or do you hesitate a bit? We want to know what you girls think about sending sexy texts and naked pictures to your sweetie. Technology is easily corrupted and not everything you send via text or email or Skype is secure.

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Little Boy, Big Boy I usually get the chance to watch indie films on video. I had an opportunity for an invite for the premiere of the new film by the creative team that brought Ang Lihim ni Antonio and Ang Lalake sa Parola to the public. This invite was courtesy of Lex Bonife himself through his blog. Thank you Lex for this unique experience!

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Lifestyle Skinning Left, pagematch: Lifestyle Skinning Left for Specific Article, pagematch: Before the intervention of the gentle lady from the Visayas, pick-up lines were crass one-liners that evolved from the gonads of DOMs, made their way into porn movies and eventually lubricated themselves into popular culture. And many neophyte DOMs were laboring under the impression that the more crass a pick-up line, the better it is to pick up women. And by doing so, she has turned the pick-up line into a true pick-up line.

You see, my three female readers, the amount of laughter generated by a pick-up line is directly proportional to the susceptibility of the female to fall for the advances of the man who delivered the pick-up lines despite how he may look like. Lifestyle Feature Article MRec , pagematch: Maginoo pero medyo bastos. Pick-up lines are like farts. Once you let one out, you may or may not want to own up to it. Given this, I will quote the source of the pick-up line; however I cannot guarantee that the pick-up line came originally from him or her.

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Together and forever 3 Deviate from simple rhyme schemes. It may feel natural to go with an AABB or ABAB rhyme scheme that contains only perfect rhymes, but this may make your songs sound familiar or even a little boring. Try to get creative with how you rhyme. Throw a slant rhyme in your lyrics every now and then, go with a more advanced rhyme scheme like ABCB, or combine two different rhyme schemes to put an original spin on your song.

To give your song a unique touch, include their actual names, their nicknames, or descriptive phrases of who they are. As you start listening to different types of music, pick out songs that have especially interesting lyrics and listen to them. Look for example songs that have strange imagery, poetic language, and memorable choruses. You may listen to: If you get stuck while writing lyrics, reflect back on what you like about different types of music and try to incorporate those aspects into your lyrics.


Describe your personality in one word Second Language When it comes to dating what best describes your intent? What is the longest relationship you have been in? Income – We use income and birth order behind the scenes for matching.

Earlier this year, writing for Motherboard, Daniel Stuckey proclaimed Tinder—the geo-location hook up app that matches users together only after both have approved of each other—to be the end.

Someone said you were looking for me. Allow me to rescue you from your crowd of admirers. Hey can I follow you home? Cause you can come position yourself on my face. How many letters are in the alphabet? I thought there was 21? I lost my pants, do you mind if I wrap your legs around me instead? Hey I’m looking for treasure, Can I look around your chest? They’re called “eyebrows” cus my eyes are browsin your fine ass Damn girl, you have more curves than a race track.

Girl, your really good at this catch and release thing. Every time I catch my breath around you, you make me lose it again. Did you sit in a pile of sugar?

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Your destination for EnglishTagalog translations of basic words and phrases with Filipino pronunciation audio. An American Expat in Stockholm. Even Swedes Swedes use common Swedish words every day whose meaning.

line and sinker. Mamingwit tayo ng isda bukas. Let’s go fishing (with hook, line and sinker) tomorrow. diyan. dem. there nariyan (na-) adv. it’s there [var. nandiyan] pariyan (pa-) v. go there. Ako’y papariyan bukas. to wake up, to awaken. Gumising ka nang maaga bukas. Wake up early tomorrow. manggising; gisingin.

It is all included on the unit itself, making it more of a portable machine than a home machine. It can, however, be hooked up to home televisions or stereo speakers and becomes more of a professional unit. Conclusion This is a great machine for the price. It is at average pricing but has many features such as microphone controls, a disc of songs and the capabilities to record and play songs you purchase externally. Your next party may be a fun one if you bring this machine out to meet your guests!

Helpful Tip If you have never tried singing Karaoke before, you are missing out on a fun way to sing current songs while entertaining others. I used to be one of them. I would sign up with the KJ and await my turn to be a star.

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The discovery of dyed flax fibres in a cave in the Republic of Georgia dated to 34, BCE suggests textile-like materials were made even in prehistoric times. However, for the main types of textiles, plain weave , twill , or satin weave , there is little difference between the ancient and modern methods. Uses[ edit ] Textiles have an assortment of uses, the most common of which are for clothing and for containers such as bags and baskets.

In the household they are used in carpeting , upholstered furnishings , window shades , towels , coverings for tables, beds, and other flat surfaces, and in art. In the workplace they are used in industrial and scientific processes such as filtering. Miscellaneous uses include flags , backpacks , tents , nets , handkerchiefs , cleaning rags , transportation devices such as balloons , kites , sails , and parachutes ; textiles are also used to provide strengthening in composite materials such as fibreglass and industrial geotextiles.

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Privacy Policy Tagalog Love Quotes Do you want to say something special to the one you love the most? Something that will sound really passionate and be worth treasuring forever? Or, do you want to just play around and hook as many people as you can? For this reason, it becomes now a tradition of many Filipinos, particularly the masculine generations of this modern era or to say, the boys. Long before this modern generation, sweet love quotes are already being circulated by individuals to convey their feelings for each other.

Hence, its effectivity is determined, success is historically time-tested. This can be seen in a positive side that you are ready and eager to take anything just to have him or her remain by your side; however, this obsession may further lead to something horrible, as most seen in the movies. Even if vow, honor and conviction would join up together against love, nah, love will always win, it will always have its way to be on the top of everything.

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