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He coached eight years at Reading High, compiling a record. Carril’s teams won two CPC titles and two district titles. His last team went , and Carril was off to Lehigh for a season and then to Princeton, where he and his teams won national recognition while coaching against John Wooden and Dean Smith among others. Pete Carril talked about his final game as Reading High’s coach. It was , against Chester in the Eastern final. So he drove the team bus himself. His pre-dawn practice schedules at Temple have become part of Pennsylvania basketball lore.


No What is Maddie Ziegler marital status? In relation The unique dancer Maddie Ziegler for many fans is a bright star and unbelievably talented person. But there are people, who knew her before fame. They are her family members. Read about Maddie Ziegler closest people — her mother and younger sister.

What floors are best with wood walls! Answer + Answered. Hunter Douglas,And westinghouse has nice luck hon keep us your iron railings keep that in mind and i only say that for resale value. Maybeall you may want or need to do is to think in up to dating the fire place aswell it looks good but it is a concept of.

Before we even moved into our old farmhouse I knew I wanted to change the dining room chandelier. Brass has never really been my style and I know that whatever was hanging in our dining room a hundred years ago looked nothing like this. My original plan was to paint our brass chandelier black but soon after painting our dining room walls, I guess you could say I chickened out.

I was worried that the walls and the chandelier would be too similar and I would regret painting it. After almost 4 years of living with the brass I finally got up the courage to take a chance and spray paint it. I liked that it had a metallic look to the paint and also included primer. You can even see some of the metallic shine of the paint on my fingers:

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The earliest style, seen HERE , had a disc commutator enclosed behind a glass-covered back. That proved to be inefficient and awkward, so the motor and castings were redesigned to use a conventional cylindrical commutator exposed on the back of the fan. Very small in size, the blades measure only 7″ in diameter. Unlike the earlier model, this version had bosses added to the front of the casting to support a wire cage to protect the blades. Later Edison ironclad fans had a more square-shaped cage with fancy wires.

Luckily for Robsten fans, one report is now alleging that the “Twilight” co-stars are secretly dating. US Indicts Russians In Hacking Of Nuclear Company Westinghouse.

Fact 1 The Warner Bros. The studio’s musical star Doris Day was to perform the Helen Morgan role. This is one of the few planned projects that Day vehemently refused to play. She did not feel she wished to portray the sordid aspects of Helen Morgan and it would be totally different from her screen image. Patti Page relates in her biography-book that she had tested for the title role of Helen Morgan wearing a dark wig before Warner Bros.

Gogi took a 20 year hiatus to raise her son, but returned to rave reviews reflecting that her absence had no diminished effect on her vocal artistry. Gogi was an elegant performer who sang with an unmatched purity of tone and emotion. She was often referred to as “an American Piaf. At age 27 in early , initially using Audrey Brown as her vocal musical name, later, changed to Audrey Grant, made appearances on local Los Angeles television shows.

A record producer renamed her Gogi Grant. Although Ann Blyth had done her own singing in her other movie musicals, her trained soprano voice was judged too operatic for the role of Helen Morgan, and pop singer Gogi Grant’s voice was dubbed in. Ironically, the real Helen Morgan’s light soprano voice was actually closer to Blyth’s in quality than it was to Grant’s. Warner had insisted on an intense, belting, Judy Garland-type sound for the film’s Morgan.

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His interest in radio was a result of a visit to the San Francisco World’s Fair. He and his father started Reno Motor Supply Company in , as dealers in auto and motor parts, later, they added radios and radio parts. Hadley obtained an amateur radio license 6ZO in He decided to try a commercial broadcast station and was issued a license on July 7, with the call letters, KFAS.

Eck Dynamo and Motor Company. The Eck Dynamo and Motor Company was located in Belleville, New Jersey, and it was founded in by a Swede, Charles A. Eck. Eck produced high quality dynamos, motors, and electric fans in the period.

Already 49 but still young at heart and young at the passion of doing more has helped him stick committed to his passion. Michael was born in Brooklyn, New York to a family that shared a diverse ethnicity. With a large height of five feet and ten inches, this actor has fabulous shirtless photographs that his followers have applauded for. He quit his job at a pharmaceutical company and left his school too just to choose his career as a dancer; nobody in his family had supported him for this.

After his struggling days as a dancer had built in him a passion for working with it, he got his first acting chance. The outstanding humor that he brings to the screen is unique, and that is why people love him so much. Forty-nine years old but this actor has no signs of leaving any information about how his love life is going. It sounds a little strange to acknowledge that this dashing actor has no girlfriend or wife. But surprisingly there have been no doubts about him about his being gay.

He seems to be practicing his choice to let viewers know only that much how much wants them to know. But his fans and followers would certainly want to know about where he stands in his relationship.

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According to the World Heritage Encyclopedia, the bridge had been severely damaged two years previously in the South Dakota Flood of There was a large hole in the middle of the bridge with at least 3. Unfortunately, there were no warning signs or barricades to call attention to the danger.

Trump’s final midterm push takes him to THREE states in just eight hours as he begs MAGA fans not to put Democrats in charge of Congress Westinghouse Playhouse, but the show only lasted for.

It was founded by the Empire Coil Company, a wartime manufacturer of radio coils and transformers. WXEL also carried an affiliation with the short-lived Paramount Television Network , and in fact was one of that network’s strongest affiliates. In its early years, the station lagged behind its competitors in producing local programming, perhaps because its studio was located at the transmitter in Parma, while the other stations had studios downtown.

Freed hosted an afternoon movie and performed live commercials for several years before he became the self-titled father of ” rock and roll ” while as an evening host on WJW radio, before moving on to radio jobs in New York City. Soupy Sales , then known as Soupy Hines, had a weekday variety program called Soup’s On where he started his pie-in-the-face routines.

Channel 8’s partnership with the team continued through , when the Indians moved to then- independent station WUAB channel On November 16, , approximately 30 WJW radio and television personalities went on strike , forcing both stations to use supervisory and production personnel in those roles, many from parent company Storer Broadcasting stations in Atlanta and Miami.

The main bargaining point was Storer’s attempt to institute a new, drastically reduced fee schedule for performers. On November 20, WJW-TV broadcast a taped panel segment that offered the striking performers the opportunity to state its case, since management had presented its side two nights earlier. After nearly reaching agreement on November 23 before talks collapsed, the two sides finally came to an agreement on November After Bob Wells departed channel 8 in September , his position was filled by local jeweler and little person “Lil’ John” Rinaldi , who had also previously performed in skits on the show.

The program was renamed The Big Chuck and Lil’ John Show, and it continued airing on Friday nights before moving to Saturday nights in the early s.

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To mark the occasion, a live television special aired that day from 8: When the release of the FCC’s Sixth Report and Order ended the license freeze in , DuMont was forced to give up its channel 3 allocation to alleviate interference with nearby stations broadcasting on the frequency. WDTV moved its facilities to channel 2 on November 23, Not long after moving, WDTV became the first station in the country to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Early life. James Byron Dean was born on February 8, , at the Seven Gables apartment on the corner of 4th Street and McClure Street in Marion, Indiana, the only child of Winton Dean and Mildred Marie Wilson. He was primarily of English descent, with smaller .

Offline Last year Bill Voigt and I went through many of his Westinghouse fans and made notes on some of the details of what he has. Below is the result of that survey which might help some of you date your Westys from the teens and into the s. New “micro dated” tags seem to have appeared every year to three or four years. The “micro dates” are not the date a fan was made. The following was in a columnar form but has not posted that way.

Sorry for the difficulty in reading but the information should be decipherable for you. Every few years it appears that Westinghouse would order a new batch of motor tags for their next batch of fans of a certain type. The micro dates that we encountered are shown in the left column. They can be found on the motor tag in the upper or lower corner of the tag and are usually inside parenthesis.

VERY tiny; you will probably need a magnifier to read them. Numbers under the micro dates in this survey have no meaning for this survey.

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He was primarily of English descent, with smaller amounts of German, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry. He also claimed that his father was part Native American , while his mother belonged to “a line of original settlers that could be traced back to the Mayflower. According to Michael DeAngelis, she was “the only person capable of understanding him”. She died of uterine cancer when Dean was nine years old.

In his adolescence, Dean sought the counsel and friendship of a local Methodist pastor, the Rev.

Nov 12,  · Eastern Michigan’s tarp. Discussion in ‘Football Board’ started by Sean Miller Fan, Nov 10, It won’t be so hard on fans when watching the game and they can tell us who won at the end. 8 Parkview57, Nov 10, How about some dating tips from coach? 26 Tony Zimmermans Dennys Adversary, Nov

Be sure to read this: As far as early fans go, they are common enough so they can be found at a somewhat high but still affordable cost. They have been named “pancake” by collectors due to their relatively thin but large diameter motor. With a single motor bearing instead of one at the front and rear of the motor as is far more common, they have a unique appearance.

Other companies made pancake style motors; Westinghouse, Emerson Trojan , Holtzer Cabbot, and a few others during the very early, c. To cover all the models and variations of the GE pancake might take a large book. I hope to, in time, show many of the models and variations.

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History[ edit ] Women in the wartime workforce[ edit ] Women workers in the ordnance shops of Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company in Nicetown, Pennsylvania during World War I A woman operating a turret lathe Because world wars were total wars which required governments to utilize their entire populations for the purpose of defeating their enemies, millions of women were encouraged to work in industry and take over jobs previously done by men.

World War II was similar to World War I in that massive conscription of men led to a shortage of available workers and therefore a demand for labor which could only be fully filled by employing women. Nearly 19 million women held jobs during World War II. Many of these women were already working in a lower paying job or were returning to the work force after being laid off during the depression.

So dating was a success for me. She isn’t from there either, just there for residency, and we moved because she got a job out here. Anyways, ya being single in Pittsburgh is a lot a fun.

To mark the occasion, a live television special aired that day from 8: When the release of the FCC’s Sixth Report and Order ended the license freeze in , DuMont was forced to give up its channel 3 allocation to alleviate interference with nearby stations broadcasting on the frequency. WDTV moved its facilities to channel 2 on November 23, Not long after moving, WDTV became the first station in the country to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At the time, UHF stations could not be viewed without the aid of an expensive, set-top converter, and the picture quality was marginal at best with one. UHF stations in the area faced an additional problem because Pittsburgh is located in a somewhat rugged dissected plateau, and the reception of UHF stations are usually poor in such terrain.

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What’s the Spelling – Pittsburg or Pittsburgh? Believe it or not, Pittsburgh is the most misspelled city in America, according to a study by ePodunk. The most common misspelling is the word Pittsburgh spelled without its ‘h. Documents throughout the late s and early s refer to the area as the ‘Manor of Pittsburgh,’ the ‘Town of Pittsburgh’ or the ‘Borough of Pittsburgh. The ‘h’ is firmly intact in all referrals.

This is going to be a fun mystery to solve! Odds are that Bishop is currently dating new NCIS Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

These high-quality machines are used to drive pumps, fans, compressors, rolling mills, grinders, crushers, and a variety of other rugged applications. Our motors and generators are utilized in petroleum, chemical, pulp, paper, mining, marine propulsion, steel, electric utility and other industries throughout the world. Westinghouse Gas Turbine Systems Division Westinghouse Electric Corporation Gas Turbine Systems Division out of Lester, Pennsylvania formed a task force in to initiate construction of a new turbine manufacturing factory and the city of Round Rock, Texas was selected as the site for the new facility.

Ground was broken in late , with some manufacturing operations commencing in September , and final construction completing late A total of 26 – AA Gas Turbines were produced before operations were terminated in January due to the energy crisis and drastic drop in demand for new turbines. HIMD was chartered on July 1, , and the plant was re-configured and re-tooled to suit the change in product. New motors began shipping in December , with the shipment of the first DC excavator motor, followed by the first AC induction motor in June , and the first synchronous motor later in Under this arrangement, WMC designed and manufactured large, custom AC and DC products at our Texas facility, whereas, less custom products were manufactured by TECO’s modern manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Malaysia, with WMC providing design, drafting, final assembly, and testing for such products.

In , TECO acquired all Westinghouse Electric Corporation shares in the joint venture and made a decision to manufacture more standardized products in Round Rock in order to reduce lead-time and better support the local market. This resulted in a significant investment in the Round Rock facility by the parent company. Concurrent with the name change, TWMC made a long-term commitment to provide aftermarket service on its and other manufacturer’s motors and motor-related products.

The TWMC Service Division was thus created to focus on sales, customer service, product re-design, engineering and problem solving. The project ceased in Today, TWMC is in the unique position of being able to provide quality motors, generators, drives, and complete power solutions, all from our headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.